Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Challenge of Changing Yourself

The intensity and the repetition of change efforts are directly responsible for their
ultimate success. The new, constructive patterns that are likely to stick are the ones that
have become associated with highly distinctive states of mind and that have been
overlearned. Conditioning new patterns to a distinctive state of mind makes it easier to
summon those patterns any time you reenter that state. This connection becomes
internalized most readily when it has been rehearsed intensively. It is rare that insight
alone will create change; more often, doing things differently allows you to make the
change part of your ongoing repertoire. The greatest challenge to changing yourself as a
trader is also the greatest challenge to change in therapy. It is relatively easy to initiate
change, but it is far more difficult to sustain it. Without consolidation, people are likely
to relapse into their habit patterns. An essential ingredient in change is to repeat a desired
pattern again and again in the same way, at the same time, in the same situations on every
occasion that presents itself. At first, enacting the new behaviors will require conscious
effort. With repetition, however, the behavior becomes automatic, an internalized part of
the self.

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